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03 July 2019
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
In order to capture the quality control and quality assurance of raw materials, final parts and the product in accordance with international standards and national standard, several experiments include Sampling, chemical analysis, hardness test and metallurgical destructive tests is trained by the experienced staffs. The list of equipment and tests are summarized below:

Some of the services and available testing are include:

A) Determination of mechanical properties
- Tensile test for capacity up to 20 ton
Performing of tensile test on the billets and shafts according to ASTM, DIN and ISO standards.
- Charpy and Izod impact test at room temperature and Low zero temperature
Design Charpy and Izod impact test experiment according to ASTM-D6110, ASTM-D256, ISO-179/180, ISIRI 6981 standards.
- Macro hardness test (On Brinell, Rockwell B, Rockwell C and Vickers scales)
For measurement of surface hardness, core hardness and hardness profile of products, KOOPA UV1 and portable KOOPA D06 devices is used. These devices have the ability to report hardness based on HVN،HBN ،HRC.
- Microhardness
- Bending test
B) Metallic products tests:
- All types of hot Rolled Steels
- All types of steel products

C) Metallurgical Laboratory:
- Metallography and microstructure investigation of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
- Determination of grain size, identify phases and volume fraction of phases, Graphite types determination, Inclusion test (K,M method).

D) Chemical analysis laboratory:
- Chemical decomposition test by emission spectrophotometric method (Quantometric Analysis)
Includes two FOUNDRY MASTER PRO 2017 and BELEC LAB 3000S quantometer devices standard blocks with the ability to detect up to 27 elements in carbon steels and alloyed steels (low alloys and high alloys steels), and nonferrous alloys incudes Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, cobalt, etc.
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
- Visual Test
- Ultrasonic Test
- Penetrant Test
- Magnetic Particle Test
- Thickness measurement of metals by ultrasonic method
- Portable hardness testing by HV-HB-HRC-HRB-HRA techniques

E) Other laboratory services:
- Sands meshing
- Determination of bending strength, shear strength and tensile strength of sand
- Determination of ratio and Baume of Silicate glue.
- Determination temperature of product during production
In order to check the temperature of products (including: billet, shaft and bullet), DKK fusion contact and MASTECH MS6550B laser control devices are used.
- Grinding machines:
For grinding of material two grinding machines equipped with water sprays are used to prevent warming up and microstructure changes in the samples.

Wire cut: KFA Company uses the wire cut machine in order to stop and minimize the distortion or structural phase changes of steel balls during the cutting process , this machine has a very high precision level and has no
limitations regarding the size of steel balls for cutting process .

Pin on Disk grinding test: KFA Company conducts this test as one of the most important tests, necessary for steel balls manufacturing process in order to determine the weight loss and also the erosion ration of steel
balls in mills.

Drop test: Measuring the erosion ratio of steel balls due to the collision, simulating the impact and drops and falls and also the collision of steel balls in a mill, breaking pattern (such as breaking in half, chipping etc.) are
the results of this test.